Everything We Do Begins with Your Goals and Dreams

Financial Planning - O'Brien Capital Management

Like most people you may wonder if you will be financially prepared for a retirement that will sustain your desired quality of life. We provide exceptional value to the individual who desires a deeply personal approach. Everything we do revolves around your goals. Our method of comprehensive wealth management begins by gaining a thorough understanding of your financial and life goals. An area we work on daily is retirement planning.

As a consultant he prepares second opinions on investment portfolios, advice on retirement planning, college funding strategies and advice on all other facets of personal finance. He charges by the hour and fixed pricing is available for financial plans. There aren’t that many financial planners in the area that offer these services by the hour, as most advisors are only interested in taking your money.

John believes that by offering this service he can start to build a relationship with his clients who will in turn recommend his services to their friends and colleagues or be comfortable enough to have John manage their investments for them. However unique your dreams may be, OCM will work with you to craft a financial road map in order to achieve those goals. Your goals become the focus our efforts. With OCM, you can count on building a long term professional relationship with a trusted financial advisor.