“A goal without a plan is just a wish” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When managing your investments, we take our fiduciary duty seriously. Your specific goals, values and risk tolerance are incorporated into the development of a customized portfolio that is consistently monitored and adjusted to achieve those goals. We structure a strategic asset allocation program to fit your parameters. Investment selection starts with the client, not the other way around and includes many asset classes for diversification purposes. Each investment is scrutinized using sound research methodologies and modern portfolio theory is used to research and design the asset allocation.

OCM is committed to individually managing your portfolio in accordance to your specific needs, objectives and desires. As your life circumstances change and evolve, OCM will be there to advise and guide you through the portfolio and planning changes that are needed.

Fee Structure

Our comprehensive wealth management planning services are fee only. We offer financial planning and investment advisory services.

Hourly fees for planning services are $300. Fixed pricing for financial plans are available.

A standard rate of 1% (yearly rate, paid quarterly) of assets under management is charged for investment advisory services. Minimum investment is $250,000.

Investment Management - O'Brien Capital Management