One of the Most Important Parts of A Financial Plan
is Planning for Your Retirement

Planning for your retirement is arguably one of the most important components to any financial plan. While the traditional defined benefit pension plans are going by the way side, most companies these days puts the burden of saving for retirement right onto the employee. Rest assured that I can work with you in a number of ways to help you prepare for this life changing moment before and after you retire.

Whether it’s choosing the right retirement vehicle for you or evaluating your current retirement assets, I can put together a plan that works for you. These days many companies are offering lump sum pay outs versus monthly pay outs and this often requires a professional opinion to review the different options and the pros and cons of each method of distribution. As a retirement planning expert I will be able to help you decide which course to take depending on your needs and objectives. Be wary of financial sales people trying to push certain products, like insurance and annuities, to earn fat commissions. Always use a trusted FEE ONLY advisor who will act as a fiduciary and will act in the best interests of you the client.

Retirement Planning Services I provide include but not limited to:

Retirement Planning - O'Brien Capital Management
Retirement Planning - O'Brien Capital Management